GIF stickers add movement to your content and makes it stand out. Using Brand GIFs and animated banners on social media will help your audience relate to your company on a more personable level. Let’s start.

See below for the steps to design, animate and upload GIF stickers to a Brand Channel on GIPHY so you can search up your GIFs in your stories on IG, FB, Snapchat, etc. and add your brand GIFs to stand out! My GIPHY ARTIST ACCOUNT have over 726.6M views! Let’s start designing!

Ideas/ Design

We will explore ideas and find a clear vision for your Brand GIFs. You can send me a list of designs you would like, including specific products, phrases, concepts, or keywords that reflect your brand. Logo, brand materials, color palettes, and other inspirations will be incorporate into the GIFs. I’m also happy to come up with ideas to explore! We’ll finalize a list of designs that fit your brand perfectly.



Then I will start animate ideas for each design to give you an idea of what the final effects will be. This is when the design comes to life and you will see the final product! At this point, you’ll choose the GIFs you’d like to move forward with or if you have any changes before your final approval.


Apply on Brand Channel

To make your GIFs searchable in stories I will help you apply for a BRAND CHANNEL ON GIPHY (it’s free). To get an approval the application needs to have: Link to your website, e-mail with same and minimum 5 GIFs uploaded before appling on a brand account. This process takes between 1 to 10 business days to get approved. Then you can search up your GIFs within 2 days!


The GIFs are fantastic! The design ideas and animation goes above and beyond!


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